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How It Works

On every commit to your repository there will be run a validation process to find tabular errors and other problems in your data. We created a demo video to introduce a basic workflow of continious data validation using Frictionless Repository:

Github Actions

Github Actions is a continuous integration service. If you're not familiar with Github Actions we really recommend you to watch a short talk given by Grant R. Vousden-Dishington on csv,conf,v6:

Frictionless Data

Frictionless Data is a comprehensive data software and standards project covering many aspects working with data. Frictionless Repository uses a Python framework to validate data and a report component to show the validation results:

Frictionless Repository can be described by this simple flow:

Frictionless Repository is completely server-less so it doesn't rely on any third-party hardware except for Github infrastructure. There is no vendor-lock or something like this a you can fork this project and run it on Github differently if needed.